A successful project from start to finish

Construction work on Jädraås - one of Europe's largest onshore wind farms - was initiated in the autumn of 2011. One and a half year later, all 66 wind turbines had been erected.

Jädraås, situated in Ockelbo, a municipality about 30 kilometres west of Gävle, is in many ways an optimal location for the production of wind power. The wind farm is built on a large site situated at a high altitude and with good wind conditions. The location also has several advantages as a quarry, gravel pits and other elements facilitating the implementation of the project are close by.

The project has a permit to build a total of 116 wind turbines. The first investment phase comprises 66 wind turbines with a total installed capacity of 203 MW. When Arise acquired the Jädraås Project the permit was granted. Financing, detailed planning, grid connection and procurement of suppliers had not been made. Taking the project from permit to start of construction has been a considerable task largely undertaken with our own staff. This is one reason why we have been able to work so efficiently.

Skilled employees responsible from start to finish

Construction included the creation of a road network, the casting of foundations, transport of materials, establishment of electricity grids, as well as the construction and installation of the 119-metre high turbines.

There are several challenges along the route to a wind farm of this size. The weather is just one of these. Building a wind farm of this scale is a challenge for everyone. Snow and cold does not make a project easier. It requires skilled project management to ensure that we do the right things in the right order. Our staff provides support for suppliers who are not used to working this far north.

Many parties are involved in a project such as Jädraås. For certain periods, there were between 50 and 80 people working on the site. NCC assisted in the construction of the infrastructure, Vestas was the primary supplier wind turbines including components and technology, ABB delivered transformers and Siemens the switchgear. Arise managed the overall project management of the entire project. Experienced and competent management kept the schedule and even managed to come in slightly under budget.

In line with Arise's business model

The Jädraås Project is well aligned to all parts of the Arise business model whose stated aims are to build, own and operate wind power and to sell electricity from these. Acquiring and taking over a site which has already been granted the necessary permits and has good conditions for production, together with a partner, corresponds well to how Arise wishes to run its business. This gives us the opportunity to be involved in all phases, from construction to commissioning. We get to know our wind farm and its conditions, which is a good basis on which to continue to operate and optimise the operations.

Being operationally involved in all phases of the project means that Arise is well equipped for the tasks inherent to the on-going management of the wind farm.

The wind farm creates opportunities for the district

The Jädraås Project has been well accepted since its initial phase and the commitment and interest from the local village community has been considerable. The project has brought jobs to the area, but also other positive effects. Among other things, the sports facility in Jädraås received a substantial facelift through one of the parties involved in the project. For Ockelbo Municipality, it has been important to capitalise on the positive development the wind farm can bring to the Municipality.